about me and avinini

Avi and Nini are my twin nephew and niece; their arrival three years ago spurred an almost insatiable desire to sew and create adorable garments. I feel I am finally ready to share these creations with the rest of the world!

Opening my Etsy shop was thrilling because, as a full-time Latin teacher, creating and making keeps me sane and reminds me that I more than just a teacher. I opened this shop because I NEED to make stuff and I love it when people are happy with something I have made!

Me sitting on my mother's sewing table, watching her sew...

Me sitting on my mother’s sewing table, watching her sew…

I am also very excited about this new venture because many, many years ago, my mother used to make all my dresses as a child. I would sit on her cutting table and watch her in amazement… 🙂 Because I have watched my mother sew beautifully detailed garments throughout my life, I am my harshest critic and take much pride in creating a neatly finished garment.

On this blog, I am not sure if I really plan on writing very much as I tend to keep my life relatively private. But, who knows? Maybe I will open up over time!

Thanks for stopping by!



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