Wellesley Marketplace, November 17, 2012 – Overview!

It’s beginning to look a lot like… craft time! November is here and the craft show winter season is in full swing. I had heard through a few Facebook feeds that the Wellesley Marketplace was a must-attend event so I asked my friend Alison if she would like to join me. The plan was to walk around the Marketplace for a bit, maybe buy some items, and then have lunch in the area. The pace would be leisurely… Relaxed…

Except… I had no idea!!! I mean, holy cow, this event is quite big! A pleasant surprise. Because I had no idea, I originally planned to write one post but, now I realize that I should spread it out. Here, I’ll talk basics: location, layout, size, etc. And in the next few posts, I’ll highlight some of my favorite vendors. Yes, that’s how many awesome people were at the event!

Alison and I arrived at around 10:45 and, as mentioned earlier, we had no idea what the crowd was going to be like. But we learned quickly as soon as we turned the corner onto Kingsbury Street. The street was lined bumper to bumper with parked cars so we needed to park on a side street. (My sympathy goes to the local residents who must tolerate this onslaught of cars!).

The 36th annual Wellesley Marketplace at the Wellesley Middle School featured more than 100 vendors. For the price of admission ($10 after 10 am), I could browse for hours. Most vendors were placed in three major locations: an upstairs gymnasium, a cafeteria on the ground floor, and another gymnasium on the ground floor. The remaining vendors were located in the corridors connecting these major spots.

For whatever reason, the room with most foot traffic was the upstairs gymnasium. At every turn, discerning shoppers hovered around vendor booths, perusing, admiring, and most importantly buying. I can almost describe it as crowded — not in a bad way per se, but certainly limiting in how you browse each booth. In general, all rooms boasted sufficient shoppers.

My final thoughts to the greeters at the front door were: great job on a well-organized show that showcased high-quality artists and artisans. I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to splurge on a special Christmas gift for a loved one.

To satisfy your curiosity, I will list and insert a few photos of some of my favorite vendors. I hope to feature a few of these in upcoming posts. (DISCLAIMER: I cannot promise anything! As some people know, I am full-time teacher with limited time… It’s 8 pm and I’m already getting sleepy. Yawn…):

My Urban Kitchen

Weehah Greeting Cards

Zooguu Plush Toys

Malagueta Handmade

Malagueta Handmade

Dean’s Sweets

Coral Bellas

The Trendy Tot

The Trendy Tot

Little Girl Pearl

Patina Studio Copperwork

Bare Metals Studio

Twigs and Heather

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for stopping by!





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