In The Beginning…

Me sitting on my mother’s sewing table, watching her sew…

This week has been such a strange week for me. There are so many questions going through my bushy head… What do I really want to do with this whole sewing thing? (Unlike my very first post, I will try to refrain from asking *too* many unanswerable questions here… I will address only one. Lucky you!)

This series of questions started on Monday, August 20, when I had a lovely day date with my mom. Mami… I love her so, so much – and I don’t ever get to spend nearly as much time with her as I want to because, well, life gets in the way (pardon the cliche.) Ergo, last week when my sister was away with her husband and twins (for whom my mom is essentially an unpaid nanny), I thought we should hang out. I arrived at her place around 7:30 am – an ungodly hour for some but not for me or Mami. We lingered here for a while, chatting about what she had been up to since Friday. She glowingly told me about all the cleaning she had done! Yes, cleaning!  She cleaned out her closet, behind her bed, behind her dress, behind the stove… Lots of cleaning! I love that she can still lug furniture around at her age – Que Dios la cuide! (I’m sure many SAHMs know that, when you are running around after two 4-year-olds, not much energy remains for a good, deep cleaning of the house! As stated earlier, my mom is like a SAHM, except that she’s in her 70s and therefore has significantly less energy in her battery than a 30-year-old SAHM might have.)

After a detailed description of her housekeeping endeavors, she left me in the kitchen to get ready for our date. Sitting in the kitchen where I once sat for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as a teen, I grew nostalgic and grabbed an old photo album. Many of us know that feeling – when we walk, almost literally, into the past. Maybe it’s your childhood bedroom, or an old playground, or an old school: you feel transported. I didn’t know it at the time but now I know that, I was searching for this particular photo, the one I posted here.

In the photo, I am four years old and Mami is working on the dress I asked her to make for my pre-school graduation. This dress was just one of the many, many dresses my mother lovingly made for me throughout my childhood. And I know – I KNOW – that my love for sewing, delayed though it may have been, started here. And in many ways, I feel closer to my mom spiritually when I sew; I feel more like her. Anyone who has met my mom knows that she is a wonderful human being: kind, loving, giving, infinitely patient, generous of herself. To answer my one question: If I could be even a little bit more like her, I know I am on the path to bettering myself. Sewing is just beginning…

xo Teri


2 thoughts on “In The Beginning…

  1. Here is my answer to your “Exploring my reasons for sewing”…

    I can tell you why. You are a blessed woman with many talents. Extremely creative, intelligent, bright and best of all you are my sister and as always YMTWTM. The best part is that you are Nini’s Aunt and private seamstress and hopefully her quinceañero dress will be made by you. You are truly a treasure.

    And best and not least, Our Mami is your best inspiration and mine too.

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