Troubled Times in Tutu Land

Here it is! My first tutu! As usual with my first attempts, I shall give this one to my niece. Now, observe: I shunned the traditional cotton candy pink. Seriously, if you want a pink tutu, you can find one that was made in China at TJMaxx for $8. I felt mine should be somewhat special, so I chose a fall color palette: cream, gold, bronze and brown.

For something so cute, it is quite difficult to cut fabric for a tutu, i.e. tulle. My mistake was to buy it off the bolt and by the yard. I should have bought the tulle by the roll as seen below…

I tried my best to refer to other craft-related blogs for advice and ended up using this post that instructed me to use cardboard. Didn’t have cardboard handy so I used manila folders cut and taped together to measure 44″x4″ and that worked out for me. Other potential mistake: I used elastic as the foundation for the waist band. As I tied each piece of tulle on, the elastic itself was becoming overly stretched and getting looser around the waist of the body form. Thus, I needed to snip off more and more of the elastic to make the waist nice and snug. Not the end of the world, but certainly an inconvenience. I have often seen tutus made with crochet headbands. I think it would have worked out better. I shall try it next time.

Overall, I am pleased with the final product! Hope you are, too! What do you think?


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