Suspenders, Vests, and Bow Ties… Oh My!

Okay, so I am perpetually struggling with making stuff for boys. I’m sorry – girl stuff just comes naturally to me! And, let’s face it, it is easy to get wrapped up in the cuteness off girl things!

But, behold! Here we have some cute ideas for boy stuff! Stuff I am actually excited about! Yay!

So here they are!

Vests!!! I think vests are cool especially for special occasions!

Downloadable Vest Pattern

Suspenders!!! (this little boy looks… sad?)

Downloadable from

And last but not least, bow ties!

Totally downloadable and totally free!!!

And there you have it! Notice that all of these are downloadable and I LOVE that. Although printing out the patterns might be time consuming and paper intensive, I feel it beats dealing with that super thin tissue paper from typical sewing patterns!

I look forward to making these and maybe even selling some on Etsy!

(NOTE: all these patterns allow the maker to sell the items as long as they are not being mass produced! Gotta keep it handmade!)


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